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guests enjoy a bike tour on the titanic slipways

About Us


We love Belfast.

With all of its natural beauty, proud industrial heritage, and even its troubled political past - the modern city of Belfast is one of the most welcoming places on earth. 

And it is the people of Belfast who give the city its distinct identity and flavour - their food, their stories and their good honest craic. 

We believe anyone visiting Belfast needs to get up close and personal with the city in a bike or walking tour experience where they can reach out and touch the history that surrounds us and ask "But what is it really like?" from someone who was born here and who knows the intricate histories of the many communities of modern Belfast. 

We are Hometown Tours and we want you to experience Belfast like a local. 

Book a walking tour, and cycling tour, or get in touch for private tours and trade enquiries!

Meet Your Host

Born and raised in East Belfast, Steven Patterson is a sustainable travel expert with over 30 years of experience working with communities all over Belfast.

As the head of the sustainable travel charity Sustrans NI, Steven played a pivotal role in the development of the network of cycle lanes, pathways, and greenways that connect the modern city. 

Sharing the stories he learned in his own upbringing, just two miles from the birthplace of the Titanic and the knowledge he gathered through engaging with the communities who live along the greenways he helped develop, Steven is delighted to introduce his hometown to visitors in a new light.

With a host of local knowledge, secret histories and a few tall tales, Steven’s mission is to allow visitors to experience the real Belfast, get a view of the city's future and explore the city like a local. 

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